Wii Mod: Looks Less Like A White Box

December 4, 2007


Kypes, a modder on Acidmods, pimped out his Wii with a "black face and stand, clear sides, painted Disk Drive and LEDs". It's also got an "additional SD slot in the back, a built in Game Cube memory card, and a new light for the load slot." Not too shabby Kypes. But does your Wii play burnt Pop Tarts? Because I modded mine to. Well I haven't actually gotten it to read one yet, but I've definitely jammed a couple in. The only downside is it seems to have stopped playing regular disks.

A video of the modded Wii after the jump.

Futuristic Wii Mod Is Worthy of 'Best...Mod...Evar' Title [gizmodo]

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