Dec 11 2007Super Mario Energy Drink: Awesome!


Apparently there's a Super Mario energy drink out and I couldn't be happier about it. It's called Super Mario Bros Power Up! Energy Drink, which is a pretty awesome name, not to mention a great play on 'Power Ups'. It comes as an 8.4 oz can of blue-raspberry tasting deliciousness that's sure to have you bouncing off the walls and banging Princess Peach for hours. Unless it has some of that mushroom that Mario's holding in it. Which, based on his eyes, I'd say it does. In which case you've got to be careful with the stuff. The last time I ate a mushroom that looked like that I drove my girlfriend's car into a creek because a cow standing in the road told me to. It even knew my name, and I'd never met that cow before in my life. True story.

super mario power up! energy drink: just add vodka [technabob]

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This is old news. I bought one LAST YEAR! At Nintendo World!

Does it taste like peaches? has been out for quite a long time. we've been selling them where i work for at least a year. they are good, though!

I had one years and years ago. Hahaa...

The most embarassing update in this sites history goes to...this.

I had one at least a year and a half ago at a local candy store. 3 dollars...expensive, but delicious, like my valuable time.

Cool! Mario energy drinks! I want one of those. Wonder if their tasty.

Heh, it's funny how people are negative and report that the items posted are old...I'd like to see something get posted that is obviously old...just because...I mean c'mon, yeah if it's old, leave it matter how old it is, there is still someone who has NOT seen it. Suggestions: "New Dual core processors say they're fast!" or "Hybrid cars hitting the streets, many skeptics" or "New Clothing trend: Polyester and Cotton combined!!!" or "Dinosaurs discovered to have evolved from birds and not lizards...but I'm not convinced"

There's endless possibilities, but don't be a poster-pooper (or whatever the "party-pooper" equivalent for this site would be...maybe blogger-pooper...whatever).

Super Mario Energy Drink + vodka =

This is almost as ridiculous as the Nintendo breakfast cereal. I'm not kidding, this actually existed.

if it makes the sound of coins being yanked from mid-air as i drink it...i'm sold.

thats some good shit.
too bad it doesnt give you the power to beat up gorillas and smash bricks with your head.
i learned that lesson the hard way.

I had one about a month ago. Got it at Urban Outfitters. It tastes pretty good. I had it at work (a preschool) when I was hungover. It did it's job. I survived the day.

u stole my product slogan

bu urunu nerden alabılırım

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