Dec 7 2007Star Wars Plug And Play Video Game


A new plug and play video game is available this holiday season, for the Star Wars lover in your family. It costs $25 and features a Millinnium Falcon controller (like this thing).

The battles of the original Star Wars trilogy provide the backdrop for four fast-paced games in this all-in-one Plug & Play controller. The Lightsaber Duel game allows you to recreate some of the most memorable and intense fight scenes from the films. The Assault on Hoth game pits the Rebel Alliance against the unstoppable Imperial Army’s ground forces. Take control of an X-Wing fighter as the Imperial Fleet attacks in waves of laser-blasting action in the Red Leader game. And in Battle of Endor, help Chewbacca destroy the Death Star generator on Endor, then take control of the Millennium Falcon and blast the receptor core to blow up the Emperor’s ultimate weapon.

The games (and graphics) might be questionable, but the controller is sweet. Speaking of sweets, I just ate a Sour Patch Kid after the dog licked all the sour powder off. Delish!

The Force Is Strong With This Joystick [uberreview]

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Reader Comments

Very cool. Control the falcon... not too late for the christmas list either

you dont know how badly my desires are to sit on that joystick.

I can't wait to buy this and take the controller apart and rewire it for a regular
USB/console controller!

@3. Then you'd have to ruin it by drilling holes to accommodate extra buttons. It only has A and B.

Wow, this is new? How did my wife get it for me 6 months ago then?

Star Wars... I think Star Wars was the best movie ever...

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