Solar Taxi To Drive Around The Whole World

December 7, 2007


Swiss teacher Louis Palmer has a dream. While it's not the same one I have about the threesome with two models, it's still a dream. He wants to drive his solar taxi around the world. He started the trip from his homeland in July and has already traveled through Europe, the Middle East, and India, for a total of about 9,000 miles. His three-wheeled taxi tows a solar panel trailer behind it, for a total of 65 square feet of sun guzzling goodness. It's considered a taxi because he'll pick you up and let you ride with him for awhile if you want. Although I can't guarantee he won't try to touch your leg or anything. I don't know the guy. He's allegedly going to be in the U.S. sometime in early 2008. But I have news for you Louis. You can't drive here from there. This ain't no damn Pangaea. There's this thing called water between us, and you can't drive on it. Someone better tell the poor bastard that before he drives his car into the ocean and drowns.

A five minute video after the sinking, if you're really not trying to work today.

Solar Taxi attempts to circle globe [ubergizmo]

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