Sled Has Shocks, Is Fast, Foldable, Costly

December 4, 2007


The Alu High-Tech Sledge is a pretty wicked sled. It has a 6 3/4" shock absorber to protect your ass from bumps when flying down hills at break-neck speeds. The absorber can even be adjusted for the different weights of riders and the terrain you'll be tackling. The runners can be waxed just like skis so you can go fast as shit, and the thing folds to only 6 1/3" tall when not in use. Awesome right? Well it better be for a staggering $640. Just slap a good coat of non-nutritive food varnish on the runners and you'll be breaking the Griswald Family Land Speed Record in no time.

Fold Away Sled With Shocks [notcot]

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