Dec 19 2007Shipping Container Transforms Into "House"


The Illy "Push Button House" is a shipping crate. It's a shipping crate that, with the push of a button, transforms into a "house". The whole process takes about 90 seconds. Designed by Adam Kalkin, the unfolded unit features a kitchen, dining area, bedroom, living room, and library. What it doesn't feature is a damn roof. Which is fine if you happen to be living in the mall where the thing is being showcased. But having no surrounding walls would make it kind of awkward. Particularly when you're on the couch masturbating to the mannequin in the Victoria's Secret window.

Several more pictures showing the transformation after the fold-out.




Illy Push Button House [boingboing]

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Reader Comments

This is nothing new. I've been living out of shipping containers, rented storage units and rerigerator boxes for years.

I have to wonder what dipshit invented this.
You obviously can't exactly live in it.
And you obviously can't ship anything in it if there are large appliances and pieces of furniture attached to the walls and ceiling.

It has a library, but no bathroom.


I would SO stub my toe on one of those pneumatic mounts...

I guess this one falls under the "why did I do it? Because I can" category. I give it a 10 for creativity and a 7 for WTF?

I saw this in an episode of CSI. The killer tricked the victim inside the room and then pressed the button and crushed him... and then David Caruso was a dick.

I'm with #5. Creative, but impractical.

this looks pretty interesting!

You see, those robots that were stuffed in the containers in "IROBOT" with Will Smith didn't have it that bad. They really had luxurious living conditions in those crates!

@3 you don't need a bathroom, just stand on the edge of one of the rooms and pee free. No walls means you don't have to open the bedroom window to pee cause you're too lazy to walk to the bathroom.



Of COURSE you need a bathroom!

Where else are you supposed to read the books from the library?

hahahahhahahahahahahah.... the responses were better than the article. OH LA LA meets WTF meets ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!! XP love/hate relationship.

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