Dec 12 2007NES Controller Backpack Takes Me Back


The NES Controller Backpack is available from 80sTees for $40, which isn't too bad for a backpack. Especially one with sweet-ass NES controller styling. It's got one large compartment and three smaller ones, so there's plenty of room for all your stuff. This thing really takes me back to my youth. Just like seeing the elderly woman at the bar last night with a Hypercolor shirt did. Can you believe that -- a geriatric at the bar with a Hypercolor shirt on? I was blown away. I tried to slip her the tongue but her dentures fell out. It was still pretty romantic though.

Classic NES Controller Backpack [ohgizmo]

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Reader Comments

f***ing ownage backpack. FIRST

So its a 40$ backpack with a picture of a Nintendo controller on it? No Thanks.

I think 40$ is a normal price for a good quality backpack.

Yeah, but who's to say it's good quality?

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