Dec 5 2007Metroid Arcade Game Looks Reaaal Nice

Some guy built a Metroid inspired arcade cabinet complete with Mother Brain viewing box in the side and a bunch of real nice artwork. The thing is powered by "an AMD 64X2 4800 CPU, 2GB of memory, EVGA 7800GTX graphics, a Soundblaster eXremeMusic card, Logitech R-20 w/ subwoofer, and a 17-inch Samsung LCD display". Not too shabby, certainly a step up from the Nintendo NES mod's config from earlier today.

Mother Brain made of Super Sculpey clay. DVI-Out and Optical-Out on the back for external screen/sound system. One power cord (one still image shows a few cords but they aren't attached to the machine) out the back which is a Bits Limited Smartstrip. When PC turns on, everything (cathodes, controls, sound, LCD) powers on at once.

Watch the video to fully appreciate the quality of the system, which I think is looking pretty good. Almost as good looking as this chick I managed to bring home from the bar last night. She was smoking hot. Until I sobered up and saw her penis. Then she became very un-hot. I hit it again though, just for good measure. Hey, I'll try anything four times.

Nintendo Fan Builds Incredible Metroid-inspired Arcade Machine [techeblog]

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HAHAHAHA, saw her penise? WOW! LMAO, I have tears from laughing so hard! That was an awesome video!

Very neat mod...

another drunk/chick/penis joke? I normally don't mind them but this one was bad.

Wow, I want one of those!!

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