Dec 4 2007Little Recordable CD Looks Like 3.5" Floppy


Designboom is selling floppy disk CDRs. They're really just little 80mm disks in the little cases, but whatever. Each has a 200 MB capacity and comes with blue, red, green and yellow labels for customization. You can get one for $14 or 4 for $32 (including shipping). They're out of my price range, but I do like the design. $14 is just a little ridiculous for 200 MB of storage. I mean what do they think, people are made of money? Everyone knows people are made of flesh colored Play-doh. Speaking of Play-doh, I'm getting hungry. If you'll excuse me I'm going to make myself a delicious Play-doh and paste on construction paper.

A picture of the thing in a disk-drive after the jump.


CD Shaped Like Retro Floppy Disk! [neatorama]

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that's just gay, or to be really geekie about it it's uberGay

Cool design but $14 dolllars for 1.wo

Heh, I remember when the diskettes went 30 for $2 before they were severely outdated by flash drives, cd's and dvd's. I remember thinking when we got our first burner "wow, we can actually make our own cd's now, cool!"

that is in use ...??? no no cd and memory stich is useful

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