Dec 13 2007Litroenergy Micro Particles Glow For 12 Years


MPK is a glow-in-the-dark paint company that has recently announced a new product -- Litroenergy. It's made of self-luminous micro-particles that are cheap, non-toxic, and will keep a glow for over 12 years. They never need to be exposed to the sun or recharged in any way, they just glow like hell. The material can be injection molded or added to paint and can glow in any color desired. "The light is said to be equivalent to a 20 watt incandescent bulb" and the cost of a glowing 8 x 12" object is about $0.35. Awesome! I love green technology and I love this stuff. It's going to be all over the place in no time. And by "all over the place" I mean "all over my genitals", because they're hard to find sometimes.

New Light Glows For 12 Years [treehugger]

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Reader Comments

Too goo to be true! If this is real, I will use it in and on everything from now on.

Plus, it's non-toxic, so you can eat it and then have glowing poo!

Um, non-toxic? really? Let's see, tiny beads filled with a radioactive gas that emits electrons and has a radioactive half life of 12 years?

The company says the radioactive material cannot get out of the beads... Uh-huh

well then you'll have glowing radioactive poop, all the better. And then you can put it on someones doorstep for the ultimate in radioactive, glowing, flaming poop in a bag prank.

@2, if it glows for 12 year, doesn't that mean is has a half-life of 6 years?

lol fat people are not smart here lolqoals

green + light + paint + creativity + any application = endless possibilities of fun and awesomeness. Man oh man, I sort of with I had one of these years ago when I built my first bike. I can imagine people putting these in powder-coating paints for shows at night are going to be even more interesting. I don't like the "stays on forever (see: twelve years)" part as one can't turn it off. Yeah it's great to show off, but I can imagine it getting annoying after a while.

Now about the whole thing with 'radioactively bright poop' um...I don't know what to say about that...a place I can see this being useful though (not the poop), is like in bars and other shelving applications. You don't need lights or anything, you just paint the shelves and in the dark the liquor glows. Perhaps for remote controls, light switches, haunted houses, disney rides (no more blacklights), aquariums (again, no more blacklights).So many awesome things can come of this...but while in theory the poop thing is seems..just..."eh" I don't know.

i'd like to paint my room with that

Gotta get ahold of some of that stuff for my bike!!!

I want some of this paint for my bikes! Where & how do I order some? Went to the website, but did not see any pricing, etc. Do they sell paint or is it a powder product that you purchase and then ADD to your own paint? Info appreciated.

haha dude, im dying of laught here. your comments on these news is so f.kin funny! I just can't stop reading on this website, its the best! keep it up

I want that paint! where can I buy them? :)

So it lights only a greenish yellow or it can recreate any spectrum of color including white light? If it can really recreate any color of light and it's non-toxic and non radioactive maybe it would be good for glowing tattoos. For James Cameron's AVATAR fans this is an oportunity to get the glowing spots on their faces and bodies same as the na'vi have on their bodies & faces :D

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