Dec 13 2007Kids Make NES Controller Computer Case


Some students in Sweden made a good looking NES controller computer case for a school project. They did it for $300 and put an old computer in it. It looks pretty alright, especially for a school project. I'm getting a little bitter that I never had any cool classes in school where I got to do something like that. Well, except for shop class with Mr. Pegfingers. That was a fun class. He taught me the only important lesson I ever learned in high school: how to make a bong.

Two more pictures of the case after the jump.



giant nes controller conceals pc [technabob]

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Reader Comments

Freakin Awesome!

No disk drives? Seems a little unusual. Though I guess everything could be USB as is.

you had Mr. Pegfingers too weird-- love that class


you had Mr. Pegfingers too weird-- love that class


It's too big to be a good mod, nice idea though. They should have downsized it to normal size and included some drives and other slots.

Uh that's huge!

why did they decide to make a nintendo themed casket? that thing is huge

More importantly - does the controller work? :p If they were really geeks the controller would work for their NES emulator :p


Was this the same guys who made the working controller in that size? In that case its from my Uni, that thing was awesome playing mario with!

I like it ! It's kinda big but that's good for keeping the unit cool. Nice job !

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