Dec 19 2007InstyMeds Machine Dispenses Your Drugs


The InstyMeds machine was created by Ken Rosenblum to address the U.S. pharmacist shortage (which I was unaware of). You still have to get a prescription from a doctor (damn!) with a special barcode and then you feed it into the machine. The unit then dispenses the correct number (damn!) of pills in a bottle with printed dosage, warnings, etc. You can then pay at the machine via credit card or have it bill your insurance provider. "While the current model of the InstyMeds only holds about 100 different drugs, apparently 45 of those drugs represent 80% of what is prescribed by doctors." So chances are it's got what you're looking for. Unfortunately for the woman in the picture it doesn't carry retro-active birth control medication. Nor does it carry any anti-vampire serum for that blood sucker attacking her neck.

InstyMeds Is Like An ATM For Pharmaceuticals [ohgizmo]

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EXCELLENT! When I buy drugs from the guy by the vending machines outside the Wal-Mart, he never takes my insurance. This will be much more convenient!

You do what all day? Count pills and then print a label and put it on a bottle? Um, well it sucks that you went to school for eight years because your replacement is a vending machine.

It spits the medicine out, THEN it asks for money?! Yeah that'll work real good.

I always wondered why these people go to school for years and get paid a fat grip to count pills. I'm pretty sure an African Grey Parrot could screw up the meds less after only half the training.

I don't see how it would really work. I work in a pharmacy, and we're always dealing with insurance problems, having to call/fax doctors for refills and so on. I guess it could work, but it puts a lot more responsibility on the customer.


InstyMeds machine? GOOD idea.

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