Dec 26 2007I Will Sadly Never Own A Vulcania Watch


This is the Vulcania watch and it looks awesome. Designed by Fabrice Gonet and manufactured by HD3 Complication, it's got just the look I want in a watch. Which is a look that makes it a hassle to read the time and with some timebomb styling thrown in for good measure.

Each aspect of the time is viewed in its own unique way. The hours has a Price is Right style rotating wheel and the minutes are viewed on a circular dial. A small window will also display the current date. Sapphire glass panels on the front and back and side port holes allow for all of the steampunk-y innards to be viewed.

The watch will be unveiled this April and there will only be 11 made. Meaning they'll be ungodly expensive. I'd tell you how much they cost, but it doesn't matter because I purchased them all already. And I'm going to destroy all of them except one. What good is a badass watch if you know there are 10 other assholes out there with the exact same one?

A few more pictures after the winding.




Vulcania watch is one part steampunk, one part future [dvice]

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Reader Comments

"And I'm going to destroy all of them except one. What good is a badass watch if you know there are 10 other @ssholes out there with the exact same one?"
LOL! ;-)

Not bad at all. I admit that it's not as awesome as the 1933 Stauer Graves timepiece (only one original ever made, last sold for over $11 million), but it's still neat.

i agree-- Hilarious ! 10 other assholes..lols-- a classic write up!!


Anyone knows how much it gonna cost ?

GAr, if you follow the sources back to the designer's webpage, you'll see that they have two shop locations in the US and one is on Rodeo Drive. That should give you some ballpark estimate of the prices of their watches. XD

I'd donate it to the orphans~

This thing could totally finally get me laid. Chicks love steampunk.

i'd give it to a cat and dog....... good cause lol

it's OK but it could be great if it had a lazer pointer alsow. " and a phone too"

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