Dec 27 2007Duplicate CD/DVDs Without A Computer


The DVD Coach is a stand-alone CD/DVD duplicator that needs no computer in order to function. It burns at 8x for DVDs and 16x for CDs (half that for RW). Not bad for the budding little DVD pirate. It has Lightscribe functionality, but must be connected to a PC for the graphics work. The only catch is the price, which is between $340 and $460. Which isn't even the worst thing I've ever heard. No, the worst thing I've ever heard is the name of the product -- DVD Coach. I hate coaches, too many bad memories. Particularly of 'ol Shortshorts McGrabass, my high school basketball coach. Whenever he wasn't trying to grab your ass he was trying to get the whole team to shower together. "Damn you smell like a bunch of rotten turds, now get in the shower -- and none of that soap-on-a-rope bullshit, you'll all use regular bars like real men." Then he'd strip down and get in the shower with us. And that, my friends, is when I learned to shove a shampoo bottle up my rear for protection.

DVD Coach Single-Target Portable DVD Duplicator [ohgizmo]

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Reader Comments

First? >_>

If I'm not mistaken, Sony makes something like this that is cheaper.

i can only imagine how many people will buy this, expecting it to copy regular dvds. it can't of course, due to copyright protection. pc's will always be needed for this!

thats old tech. thats been out for a long time

Anyone else think that this site is now used solely as a venue for advertising?

This really is a good thing! I will buy one of this :)

Really useful!

I would rather buy a computer at this price! You can get a good one with Windows Vista, 1 GIG RAM these days.

Aside from agreeing with #5, I also notice that the writing for each article has declined greatly into talking about drinking, drugs, fat/ugly girlfriends/wives, "anal butt pleasures," and things of the like...soon people will ask the site name to be changed to "pervologie" or something of the like.

As far as this particular product: quite frankly, it's crap. There's been the multi-cd/dvd copiers out for a long time. Granted they cost a few thousand, but the technology's been out. Also, nothing beats copying dvd's via the computer (the IRA, FBI, FCC, and whomever else is overseeing copyright infringement: I condone the copying of DVD's for backup purposes and whatever other legal uses there are).

Having said that, I hope this product line gets shat on.

Is this suppose to be retro?

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