Dec 17 2007Bomb Piggy Bank Explodes If You Don't Save


Japanese toy maker TOMY released a piggy bank that explodes if you don't put coins in it on a daily basis. Once you put batteries in the annoying bastard it beeps on an hourly basis (read: not suitable for bedroom/anywhere indoors) to remind you to feed it. It costs about $27 and is a terrible idea unless you don't put batteries in it and really just want a bomb-shaped piggy bank. Then it's okay I guess. But let's be honest, who the hell saves money these days anyway? If for any reason I do have any unspent doubloons at the end of the week (rarely) I run straight to the strip club. Sure the dancers hate dimes and nickels, but they do pay attention to quarters -- but mostly just to make sure you're not winging them at their head anymore.

Big in Japan: Exploding piggy bank helps you save money [gadling]

thanks to Steven, who doesn't throw money at strippers, for the tip

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Reader Comments

I think it's a good idea for kids. But I wont buy this for any kid I know. It would probably just annoy the shit out of me...

The strippers love it when you bounce quarters off their asses

It's a good idea in Japan, where the smallest bill is 1000 yen (~$8.20 US), but in the US you might end up having to go spend money to get some damn change to feed the bastard!! How's that for saving money? XD

This reminds me of Homer Simpsons 'Everything is alright" Alarm. It countinoually beeped an annoying and loud alarm every two secs to let you know that everything is alright. Then broken after 10 sec. Classic!

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