Dec 21 2007Artist Sells Nintendo Themed Collages


Chris Lange is a Washington DC artist and Nintendo lover. He makes made-to-order collages of your favorite characters out of old Nintendo Power magazines. A 30" x 20" collage will set you back $250. He'll do any character you want, and will also take custom orders in different sizes. Awesome. Now I hate to steal any of Chris's business, but I just recently started selling nearly identical Nintendo collages for only $150. My dedicated staff of illegal child laborers skilled artisans are ready to take orders, so call today.

Two more collages after the jump, a Yoshi and a Waluigi.



nintendo collages made to order [technabob]

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Reader Comments

Dude that Waluigi not Wario

That's not wario, its walauigi or however you spell it. Unless purple is the new yellow. Also, those collages are AWESOME!!!

Yea, second character is actually Waluigi.
Anyways, they're pretty cool. Not sure if I'd pay $250 for one, though.

That's it. I'm ordering one of my favorite Nintendo character! The t-block from Tetris!

$250 for something I could get my 6 year old niece to make for a bag of sweets? Thieving swine! (like most artists)

Why is the turtle in the first pic have wings and smoking a cigar? And these suck donkey balls.

These are so much more than "collages." How he can use the mags and get the colors/renderings so correct is amazing! I'm saving the money I steal out from under my parents couch cushions to buy one. Only need $249 more.

so the writer does read the comments.

I love these, but not enough to pay what he's asking for them. Quality or no. He probably started off selling them fairly cheap, but because of his nerdy fame, the prices probably skyrocketed.
Nintendo execs. might be able to afford it, but what about the rest of us?

hi i think the artist is silly. nintendo is for kids not 40 year old pedos.

As a fellow artist, I think they're great, however the price is too steep. You'll be able to get more orders if you come down quite a bit. Best of luck!

Dude what the hell, I've been doing the same damn thing, collages out of magazines, and I havent sold shit, and this guys rich. Fuck life

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