Dec 7 200756 Geeks Poster For Your Basement Wall


Scott Johnson, a geek, made a poster identifying 56 different types of geeks. I'm sure there are more, but it's a good start. They're available from myextralife and will run you $36 for a 20x30" or $10 for an 8x12". Kind of expensive, but maybe you're in love with it. I'm not in love with it, but it's okay. Like my wife. She's alright, but nothing I'd marry again if I could do it all over.

I posted pictures of the whole damn poster after the jump, split in two.



Full Size Poster via neatorama

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Reader Comments

They forgot "Hot Topic Geek" Like the chick in the Xbox live advert below.

true dat true dat

ive never seen a linux geek before

My friend you never actually see Linux geeks. You just know they exist from the massive amount of Linux download sites out there. If you ever actually see one the sight of their smelly corpse looking bodies will cause your eyes to fall out and strangle you so you never have to see the like again

Dumb poster, wow.

What the hell is a linux?

What kind of geek sits down and comes up with this crap?

I don't understand what any of these have to do with men biting the heads off of chickens at carnivals.

isn't "linux geek" redundant?

they forgot the java geek.

No World of Warcraft Geek?

World of Warcraft Geek would fit in MMO geek. Though I don't know why there is money falling around the MMO geek. Is it because of the ridiculous amounts of money you save when 75% of your life only costs $15 a month? Lolz.

They forgot Manga geek, action figure geek, collectable statue geek and flickr geek.

I am , Forum troll geek

It isn't even funny, he just draws a generic looking cartoon wearing/holding the object that defines what their interest is... it isn't terribly observant. Great, now i know Mac geeks probably own ipods - good thing i have this poster.

Geekologist geek? eh, the poster's "ok," nothing tickling my fancy really.

I like that! Very funny :)

Cool and very funny!! ^_^ I am a lot of those! I'll see which of those my friend is. ^_^

so you're a geek if you do/like anything at all? How original.


Don't mistake geek for being something derogatory (despite the goofiness of some of the images). Geek is just a shortened way of saying a person 'is really into something'. Everybody has their passion - Geeks just are more creative and expressive of their passions than others. ;)


geek geek puhhahaha


Nerds not geeks.... geekes, are pasty week and stupid, Nerds are pasty and week but smart. Geeks are usless, at least nerds get things done

Financial geek

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