Dec 31 20072007 Almost As Bad As 2006, Bring On 2008!


For those of you out that checked in today expecting a good number of New Year's Eve posts, I apologize. You see my ISP, who will remain nameless but who’s name starts with Comc and ends with asstastic left me without a connection for the majority of the day.

But anyways, it's about that time. And to help usher in the new year I thought I'd post an appropriately titled "Time After Time" photograph by artist Ori Gersht. What he does is take bouquets, freeze them in liquid nitrogen, and then smashes the hell out them while taking pictures with a high speed camera. I'm pretty sure I saw Mr. Wizard do the same thing (minus the photography) when I was a kid, but that doesn't take away from this piece's awesomeness. Enjoy.

Now everyone get out there and make me proud tonight. Get too drunk, make out with someone that's too ugly, and wake up too hungover. Because that, my friends, is what New Years Eve is all about. Well that, and regretting every decision you made in 2007. So feel free to rant here with any 2007 misgivings or wild New Year's stories that involve serious debauchery. I’ll be back Wednesday if the world hasn’t exploded.


Gallery via core77

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Happy New Years Geekologie team and readers!

Oh and hah, I just realized I'm the first poster for the new year! (at least on the new year's post). heh, cool.

Happy New Year Geekologie folks!

How about this year we make it cool to call out our post number, regardless of which number it is?


This way everyone can go to sleep at night feeling like a star.

Thanks for actually working on New Year's Eve, unlike that ass-clown over at iwatchstuff who popped an extra packet of hot sauce at Taco Bell so he'd have an excuse to knock off for five days straight.

Whoohohoo bitches!! Rock on in 2008 and try not to get the herpes, theyre bad.

It's 2008? Damn I slept in all day yesterday and missed it. Oh well.

That was my favorite thing Mr. Wizard did. I loved that show when I was little.

I punched a hole in my wall because I was super pissed someone puked in my living room! Go alcoholic rage!

Would have been fun to make out with SOMEBODY on NYE, but I wasn't at that kind of party. :) Have to plan better next time.

I shit on someone's doorstep once because they made sexually inappropriate comments to my girlfriend.

lol @ #6

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