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USB Wall Plugs: Brilliant, Awesome, Colorful


The Brighton Bi-Plugs are AC adapters for USB devices. You plug one side into a wall outlet, and then plug your USB gadgetry (i.e. iPod) into the other -- for immediate use or charging. These things are awesome, and I wish I had invented them. No price yet, but they go on sale at the end of the month. And do you know what else is going on sale at the end of the month? All my roommate's stuff. The jerk went on vacation to Europe without paying rent so I'm liquidating all his personal property. It's my little way of saying "I hope you had a great vacation, you don't live here anymore. Oh, and did you bring me one of those cool beer steins from Germany?"

Bi-Plugs Lets You Charge USB Gadgets Almost Anywhere [ohgizmo]

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