The Solar Bug Solar Car Becomes Reality

November 8, 2007


The Solar Bug is an electric car that has solar panels on top capable of recharging its batteries (lead acid based) to increase the car’s range by 1/3. The company hopes to be able to make the car run 100% on solar energy in the future. It's got a top speed of 35 mph, a range of 60 miles, and takes 4-6 hours to recharge via plug (for a cost of 30-60¢). It weighs 900 pounds and will go for around $9,500 when it hits the road next year. This thing really reminds me of the first car I had in high school. Well if you want to get technical it wasn't so much a car as a refrigerator box I painted to look like a Firebird. Semantics. The point is that they are both yellow. I never got laid in that box, but the seniors would throw eggs at me when I sat in it making 'VROOM VROOM' noises.

One more picture (a real photo, but poor resolution) after the drive.


Solar Bug to go on Sale [ubergizmo]

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