Temporary Tattoos: When Love Doesn't Last

November 19, 2007


Freedom 2, a tattoo ink company, has just released a line of ink that can be removed with a single laser treatment. The ink is produced by encasing water soluble pigments within insoluble polymers. The ink is visable as long as the small polymer beads (5-6 microns) aren't ruptured. When a laser does break the beads during removal, the soluble ink is reprocessed by the body and the tattoo disappears. Geez, where was this when I got married the first two times? Women get pretty disturbed by my 'Martha Forever' and 'Samantha Till I Die' tattoos whenever I remove my pants. Well, by those and the fact that I just took my pants off on the bus.

Erasable Tattoos Are Less Of A Regret [ohgizmo]

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