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Solar Powered Arcade Game Wins Award


Soccermania is a solar powered arcade machine from Polish game manufacturer Kriss-Sports. It won some award for using green technology at an amusement machine expo held last month.

Soccermania features solar panels and a rechargeable battery, and does not require any other type of power source to function. The model shown at Surexpo had a hard solar panel; however Kriss-Sport stated that this may be changed to a solar panel made out of elastic foil. The batteries used in Soccermania are used to load the accumulator, which is able to power the machine for anywhere from 12 to 48 hours.

Yeah. It's a solar powered soccer game. So it, uh, needs sunlight to work. And where does sunlight come from? Outside. Where, get this -- you can play real soccer.

Soccermania awarded at SUREXPO 2007 [highwaygames]

thanks to Lukasz for the tip

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