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Crossbones Pillow Is On My Christmas List


The skull and crossbones pillow is a large cushion with a nice piratey theme. They run $31 and are a must have for any serious pirate. Like me. The person in the picture is clearly no pirate though. While undoubtedly ugly (since they're hiding their face) we know better than to lie on the sofa with shoes on. And Velcro is a definite no-no for the pirate crowd. Trust me, I've been lootin' and plunderin' since I popped out of the womb. As a matter of fact when I was born I swung out on a rope with a knife in my teeth, firing a cannon at the doctor. Then I downed a jug of rum and banged a nurse while smoking a cigar. True story.

Large Skull and Crossbones Cushion is Comfortably Masculine [nerdapproved]

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