Nov 14 2007Roly Poly Shot Glasses Will Spill Your Liquor


The Roly Poly Shot Glasses Cordial set costs $33 and make your precious liquor wobble around on the table. This is the last thing I need, because I have a hard enough time getting the goodness to my lips without spilling anything, and I'm tired of drinking off the table/floor. Allegedly if you fill them properly they won't spill, but it looks like I may have filled that shot in the front a little too much. Hey! Who the hell keeps leaving their hors d'oeuvres on my table with no napkin? This table is a family heirloom people, my grandmother gave it to me. Get the hell out of my house you disrespectful a-holes! F you all, I'm getting sloshed alone.

Roly Poly Drink Set Falls Very Short of Classy [uberreview]

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here's a way to have fun with drunk people

I bought these for my mom from Crate and Barrell. She hosted bunko one weekend and those drunk ass biddies broke the whole set.

i like it...

crate and barrel has had these for over a year now. how is this news?

I had a glass like this that I got for free from a rum company. They are actually very useful if the surface you put the glass on is not horizontal and/or is moving, such as on a sailboat.

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