Nov 15 2007Ring Watch Uses Magnetism Instead of LCD


Okay ladies (and men who like wearing jewelry), here comes a novel ring concept by Charles Windlin, which loosely reminds me of this bad boy. It's a ring watch that uses 1,400 metal balls to tell the time. Each ball has a decorative and magnetic side, and is electrically activated to show the appropriate side to either tell the time or display a message. The creator claims that the ring uses far less energy than an LCD display. You know what else uses far less energy than an LCD display? A sundial. Except when you have to use a flashlight to read it at night. Then you're using batteries.

1,400 billes pour afficher l'heure [geek&hype]

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Reader Comments

i like it really...!

I agree, kinda like it and might actually wear it

that watch is showing 13:57 i thought clocks only go to 12:59 and then back to 1:00, what a dumb clock

phil maestas:
Are you that stupid for real or are you just joking?

Thank you soooo much for the trackback! :)

#3, lol, wow. #4, he's gotta be joking, I don't think there's anyone's that stupid. Either way, It's a neat concept.

I would like to wrap my member with this, and then note the time once the circulation was cut off.

I want to buy it, anyone know where I can get it and/or how much it costs? Is it waterproof??

I would buy it. don't like wearing a watch, this might be a good alternative. =)

this watch thing is cool but i probably wouldnt be allowed to wear it even if i wanted to, especially not to school

I whant to know how much its the price for 1000 pieces?

I love it very much. May I know where I can buy it? Please reply by email then.

Nice! I want one NOW!!! I heard "3. phil maestas" has been enlisted in the army and now knows why it says 13:57!!
Honestly you guys have to post or pm me as to where i can get this ring!!

Please let me know where I can buy this watch! And the question of whether it's waterproof or not is a good one - anyone know? Thanks!

this is a very very innovative and cool concept....i really want to buy it... plz someone write a comment saying where i can actually buy it man...

Please tell me where I can buy it thank you

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