Nov 30 2007Orgasmo Alarm Clock: What It Sounds Like


The Orgasmo Clock wakes you up in the morning to the invigorating moan of a woman having an orgasm. Which is pretty freaking awesome if you ask me. It costs $25. I don't need one though, because I almost always wake up to a woman having an orgasm. Unfortunately it's my girlfriend having sex with my roommate. :(

Orgasmo Clock: Wake Up to a Female Orgasm Everyday [gizmodo]

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"Unfortunately it's my girlfriend having sex with my roommate."

Story of my life...

So, if you don't have morning wood, this will give it to you?

So...this alarm clock has two bells on the top...anyone care to explain? Don't give me that aesthetics crap, I wouldn't buy it...

Huh. You know, a male version of this would be sorta neat.

Would definitely help me get up in the morning!

I was hoping it'd sing "Now You're a Man from Orgasmo".

Damnit, I thought this was an Orgazmo clock.

@ KaiserNeko: you want to wake up to five seconds of grunting followed by 30 minutes of crying?

Sounds like either you've had sex with KaiserNeko or you've been doing it sooo wrong.

aw, gotta have it! is anybody goin to buy me one for xmas? erm, ok, just askin..

Ouch. Story of my life as well....

This is better than the original more realistic version, which awoke you to a woman's sexy voice saying "Don't touch me. I don't feel like it right now." followed by the sound of her sister being hotter than she is (which sounds like your balls hurting). The male version "Ejaculo" was even less popular. You awake to "HUUUUUNNNNNNNGGGGHHHHH!" at which point it squirts goo in your ear and then leaves to go drink beer and watch SportsCenter.

Nice post!!Thanks a lot buddy for sharing information abt Orgasmo alarm Clock.
keep up the work.

and you didnt punch the fuck outta them and kick that sleeze back out on the streetz!! ... ud be better off with one of those alrarm clocks, maann upp sonn!!!

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