Nov 26 2007New 'Kite' Used To Harvest Wind Energy


Architect Laurie Chetwood believes that kites will play a key roll in future "green" energy generation. Chetwood's brainchild, the Wind Dam, is scheduled to go up over Lake Lagoda (Russia) in the coming months. He is convinced the concept will be a hit, stating it's "highly effective at capturing the wind because it replicates the work of a dam and doesn't let the wind escape in the way it does using traditional propellers." Basically the Wind Dam is a "75-meter kite with multiple tethers used to funnel wind into a turbine, creating juice." Sounded good until then didn't it? I'm all about green technology, but I think this guy has got his head in the wrong place. Juice? Juice is easy to make -- you just squeeze some damn fruit. We need electricity damnit.

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damn cool....

Might be fun to go kite surfing with. Grab a 100 or so people and hold on. Or wouldn't this be great to power boats down the river so they didn't need to use gas engines, we could call them kite boats. I'm gonna go patent that idea

Sign me up for one of them kite boats.
I'm writing a song about them. it goes...

Kite Boating takes me away
To where I've always heard it could be
Just a dream and the wind to carry me
And soon I will be free

Wow! I really think that idea will work

hey you guys, there is already boats powered by the wind. they are called sail-boats. sorry to crush your dreams like that. don't feel bad, I thought I created paper once but then I remembered I just stole a sheet from the evil copy machine at work.

Now theres a real power kite!!! be it just a funnel really.
but from the picture it seems the wind is expected to come downward off the cliff. be interested in the design details.

Am I the only immature one who notices that it looks like a giant jockstrap?

damnit number 5 my idea will be SOOO much different then those inferior 'sail' boats. SO MUCH DIFFERENT DAMNIT. Oh and I gotta say it does look like a giant jockstrap.

what a great idea.
and by the by, yeah, it for sure looks like a jock strap.


i saw your web sit . it is very nice....

That looks awesome!
Wouldn't want to be close though when a wire breaks loose in high winds...

There is just so much hype about wind energy these days. They have even started a "made by wind energy" label:

People will be like: "look at my super awesome new Micro Toyota car made purely from wind energy!" pfffff... .

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