LED Rims: No Car Is Complete Without Them

November 2, 2007


Pimpstar has had their static image LED rims out for over a year now, and now LED Wheels is stepping it up a notch with a line of full motion LED rims, because, well, because.

Enter LED Wheels, a company that envisions a world with flashing graphics, customized designs and even adverts for Macy's Labor Day Sale rotating on your rims. The screen in the rim's center looks to be about seven to eight inches wide and remains upright while the wheel rotates around it.

Seeing how the Pimpstars were between $12,000-$20,000 a set, these things are going to cost a fortune. Wait a minute. Did that quote up there mention a Macy's Labor Day Sale? Where in the shit did that come from? If LED Wheels is imagining a world with Macy's advertisements on rims, I'm imagining myself dropping a toaster into the tub the next time I take a bath.

A very, very disappointing video of the suckers after the jump (Note: Don't demo your wheels with a crappy-ass, locally made Chrysler commercial on them).


LED Wheels - Coming Soon to a Car Near You, with Ads [techeblog]

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