Laser Guided Hand Saw, Sure, Why Not

November 20, 2007


I love home improvement projects as much as the next manly man, but I have yet to purchase any laser guided tools. Mostly because I'm really poor. Well finally there's one that I might be able to buy without breaking the bank -- the laser guided hand saw.

This hand saw has a built-in laser, so you can see precisely where you’re cutting without additional measuring. Just make a mark on your cutting surface, align the laser beam with the line, and cut away. You’ll make a straight line every time. Button-cell batteries not included.

Well I realized that I'd never actually buy one after all, so I just made my own by taping a laser to a hand saw I had lying around. I'm glad my roommate tried it out before I did, because apparently I didn't get it taped on straight. We put his fingers on ice so they could be sewn back on later, but I got drunk one night and mistook them for tasty Vienna sausages.

Laser Guided Hand Saw, Hand Saw 2.0 [uberreview]

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