Nov 16 2007Beer Bottle Opener: Hammered On The Job


If my father taught me anything, it's that no home improvement project should ever be attempted without a copious amount of alcohol. So he would probably be ecstatic to see this bad boy -- the hammer beer bottle opener. They run $15 from crazyaboutgadgets and have a bottle opener on the back instead of a claw. Which means all the nails you screw up because you're sauced will just have to stay. And if you find yourself trying to open bottles with the non-bottle opener side of the hammer you're probably drunk as hell. Certainly way too f***ed up to be up on the roof wielding a hammer.

Beer Bottle Opener, Not Much of a Hammer [uberreview]

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This will be perfect for my favorite drinking game: Bash Your Pederast Roommates Skull in with a Mallet. I'm willing to bend the rules a bit.

ahh...getting wasted on the job site. that's probably how my house has so much f***ed up shit in it. the sliding door isn't sealed, the furnace doesn't work right, there isn't any tile in my kitchen island, the sinks in my bathroom float around on top of the counters. seriously people, don't drink while building only pisses people off....

I have one of these bad boys, and can report that it is sweet. It's actually an excellent hammer, and those notches in the beer opening hole do the job of a claw. Oddly, management underappreciates it at the bar where I work...

I hate this one, it is dumb, what does this have to do with anything, i don't think it is either a gadget or a gizmo.

i have one, too. this thing is useless as a bottleopener. i keep opening the bottles with my anus and pass them to my mates.

yeah thats cool...

I'm pretty sure that if you're man enough to build things, you're man enough to open bottles with your bare hands

In Germany those things are sold for 1 €... *g*

Yeeeahhhh, it`s cool....................

I got one of these hammers last year for my father in law. It was called the Friday Night Hammer. No better way to build things than to build them drunk

I used to sell those crappy hammers when i worked at radioshack, I remind everyone that anything made by Nexxtech is absolute crap!!... the hammer even broke in half mid swing :S.

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