Flight Simulator Gaming Chair Doesn't Fly

November 19, 2007


The HotSeats 723 Flight Simulator TRX Game Chair has a very long name. It also has a long list of features.

It comes equipped with a 23-inch HDTV widescreen LCD monitor, a high performance 1.8 GHz Dual Core processor PC, LCD mount, Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound speakers with a remote control and subwoofer unit, Logitech wireless keyboard & mouse, cup holder for your drinks, and a swinging away console. Available in 4 vibrant colors, the HotSeats 723 touts adjustable video game controller holder, adjustable sliding seat, and the speaker system that supports up to 3 devices, including DVD players, VCRs and MP3 players.

The damn thing runs $5,635, which is steep. Now I'm not saying you could build something cooler for cheaper, but what I am saying is the cardboard car I built for playing Gran Turismo is way awesomer. Racing stripes and flames, baby. Those alone took two cans of spray paint, so you know it's bad-to-the-ass.

HotSeats 723 Flight Simulator TRX Game Chair Is A Sweet Deal [uberreview]

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