F-1 Car Lawnmower Cuts Grass, Hauls Ass

November 9, 2007


Kadeg Boucher of France developed this F-1 inspired concept mower. It's a lawnmower that looks like a little F-1 racecar. At first I thought it was remote controlled, which would have been bad-to-the-ass but it's a push mower. It still looks fast though doesn't it? You probably have to run behind it to keep up. It's even got an LCD gauge display on the push-handle. The only thing it's missing? A cup holder. Who the hell mows the lawn without drinking beer? I modded my push mower with two cup holders and I pull a cooler of beer behind me. I can go from 0 to wasted in 1/4 acre.

Two more pics after the jump, including one from behind.



F1 lawn mower cuts down the competition like Schumacher [autoblog]

thanks to Trevor, a man with leet mowing skills

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