Nov 13 2007Elevator Goes Fast, Makes You Pee Pants


The Taipei 101 has the fastest elevators in the world, which whisk passengers from the 5th floor to the 89th floor observation deck at a top speed of 37.7 MPH. The trip only takes 37-seconds. The elevators feature triple-stage anti-overshooting systems and high-tech emergency brake systems, but are still scary as hell. I just don't like the idea of being shot out the top of a building at 40 MPH. I'll stick to the stairs -- I need the exercise and it's embarrassing when you pee your pants in front of people.

A video after the break, which is just a monitor showing how fast the elevator is dropping.

World's Fastest Elevator Reaches 37.7 MHP, Shoots Passengers Up 84 Floors in 37-Seconds [techeblog]

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tower of terror

i just road the tower of terror a couple of weeks ago.

does this elevator take your picture at the top when you drop too?

are there t-shirts for sale when you exit?

if not, they really could be passing up a great money maker.

towe of terror ovio..

It's not that scary. Your ears pop like f***ing crazy though...

Your ear does not pop, this elevator has the world's first atmospheric control , I have personally been to the top of Taipei 101 and have been on the elevator, the experience was awesome, they even dimmed the light with stars on the roof and played pleasant music. It's over before you know it.

it has a gift shop on the top.

Well, maybe that's some new atmospheric control...because my eyes definitely popped like crazy

the video of it going up is even scarier....the elevator makes a scary whorling noise:

I just soiled myself looking at it.

I've been on Tower of Terror (pretty neat), and at the Top of the Rock (Rockefeller building), which takes you up to the top whilst playing a video on the clear elevator roof with sound, and is completely awesome...but either way, I want to go on this thing.

What if someone presses all the buttons or there's a bunch of people getting off at different floors?

Kind of defeats the purpose...


"Emergency BRAKE system."

I lost my pelvic floor when this went down !!

i should prepare my pampers before take that lift LOL

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