Crayon Physics Looks Fun As Hell, I Think

November 13, 2007

Crayon Physics Deluxe by Kloonigames is a physics based game designed for play on a tablet PC. The object is to get your ball to make contact with the star. You can draw whatever the hell you want, including dongs or whatever, as long as you make it to the star. It looks awesome. I think there's a game kind of like this on the Megatouch machine at the bar, but I've never played it because I'm always too busy with Erotic Photo Hunt, where you try to spot the five differences in two pictures of near-naked women. I do love some physics though. I didn't pass the class with a solid C- for no reason. No sir. I passed because I slept with the professor. He was gross.

Physics Never Looked So Fun [electro-plankton]

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