CD Turbine + Sawblade = Goodbye Fingers

November 1, 2007

"Mr. Fix It" Rick is some crazy guy on Youtube who builds things that are a lot more efficient (and safer) to just buy. In this segment he shows you how he put together his latest "Magnetic Tesla CD Turbine with Sawblade Attachment". It runs off of a garden hose, but I've seen others he's made using compressed air. I almost didn't post this, because he doesn't test it out and lose a finger, but I figured I would anyways. That way when he does lose a finger, arm, or eyeball I can link back to this entry and start the new one by saying "remember that crazy a-hole that made the CD turbine powered saw..."

UPDATE: Very weak demonstration of the thing in action after the jump.

Tesla CD Turbine [hackedgadgets]

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