Nov 12 2007Boeing 727 Street Legal Limo Doesn't Fly


You take a 727 jet, throw it down on a Mercedes bus, and TA-DA, a Boeing 727 limo. It runs on the original Mercedes turbo diesel engine and weighs 24,000 pounds fully fueled. It's fairly long, at 53', and has a passenger capacity of about 50 people. All the crap you normally find in a limo is included -- like ceiling mirrors, bar, novelty lighting, televisions, etc. What's not included is the ability to fly. The thing just sold on eBay for $274,100, so it was kind of expensive. The only problem is that even if you do bang a couple hookers in it, you won't receive a Mile High Club membership. Because you're not a mile high. You're like a couple feet high. And maybe high on crack cocaine.

eBay via techeblog

thanks to Jordan, who is cool, for the tip

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that's the dumbest limo ever. now who's going to make a stretch Kia Rio?


Sweet, but does it turn?

You could drive it to Denver, the Mile High City, pick up a couple of hookers on East Colfax and have a blast. Just make sure they have all the right parts....

never does a commercial jet fly above 1 mile, its more like 1 kilometer, average

#6 - What are you talking about? Typical cruising altitude for a commercial jet is about 6 miles high.


Theres a boat in FT lAuterdale Made out of a boeing 307 Strato liner...called the cosmic Muffin for some f***ed up reason... refrence is a pic on its official site...PS...Im Pilot myself, typical crusing altitude for a arliner is about # to Five miles up... UR BOTH RONG!!!!


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