Oct 10 2007Working At Waffle House Isn't So Bad After All

When I first saw this I thought the guys were getting strapped in for some sort of new roller coaster ride. Well it turns out that new ride is called "The Worst F'ing Job On Planet Earth". Build a damn robot China, Jesus. What do you do for a living? I stack metal pots and duck. Thank you poor Chinese factory worker carpal tunnel bad neck guys. I will never complain again about working at Waffle House. Or about giving handjobs in the bathroom for extra comic book money. Anything is better than what those guys do.

Chinese factory workers: ghost in the machine [core77]

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What the hell is that thing??

That's bananas. They should audition for Stomp.

Intel inside, close up.

what the hell are they making?

What are they doing?

I don't get it...

At least they're sitting and don't lift heavy stuff. And some of them don't even duck.

ahhh slave labour at its finest

For those who don't get it: it's a big machine. The machine presses itself together and shapes those things they are stacking - see they put a piece of tin or whatever the f*** it is on one spot, then they duck and the machine clamps down and presses the tin into some shapes and shit, then when it opens they take that shaped piece of shit and stack it while getting a new one and setting it up to do again. Over and over and over making big piles of tin shit for Intel the folks who make computer bullshit. It looks dangerous as f*** that the machine could snap their arms off - slice the head into a fruit by accident like real quick and real easy and the joke in the headline is that no matter how shitty you think life is working at the waffle house or whatever LOOK WHAT THESE F***ING PEOPLE ARE DOING!!

The upshot is that it's kind of neat/dangerous for us the viewer and not really the uber/f***ing/dangerous implied with the "anything"as a quantifier in "anything is better" from the conclusion of the opening punchline.


/geekologie doesn't use this conclusory on-the-fly signature system
//i miss the BELIEVE IT days

haha kinda reminds me of what Bjork had to do in her role in Dancer in the Dark.... minus the breaking into song and dance.

Everything is music. When I go home, I throw knickers in the oven and it's music. Crash, boom, bang!

man the guy in back sure has got it easy LOL.


10. schadenfreude128 - October 10, 2007 11:34 PM

Everything is music. When I go home, I throw knickers in the oven and it's music. Crash, boom, bang!


i thought i was the only person who threw my knickers into the oven.

I don't understand



Okay, douchebag number 8. we can f***ing figure that out. I think what everyone doesn't get is WHAT they are making. We can f***ing see that it gets pressed into shapes. What is the actual product?

11: yup, he probably got a promotion.

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