Oct 12 2007URWERK 201 Watch Is The Nastiness


The URWERK 201 is not just a watch that tells time in a unique way, no sir -- it's a watch that tells time in a unique way and probably costs more than your house. Designed to appeal to sports car buffs, this thing is ridiculous. It tells time with three hands that rotate to display the hour, and telescope to point to the exact minute (it's 3:18 in the picture). Ten are being made, and the unit must be serviced every 3 years. If you buy one I want to be your friend. Did I mention it shoots laser missiles and comes with a ball massager? Well it should.

URWERK 201 watch [ubergizmo]

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Reader Comments

That looks so futuristic and manly *drool* I want one but have no money. How can I earn one, I'll do anything. I'll have an orgy with Paris, Lindsay, Britney and all of your mothers at the same time and videotape it, then leak it to the net. Oh the shame, but I'll do it for THIS WATCH! The doctor at the STD clinic will be so impressed.

i've been around here so long, i'm developing a watch fetish.

#2, i agree....im going to feel like a soccer referee after this is all done.....so many watches...so little time!

looks great!! http://www.mactanque.com/

5th bitches

ban these spammers man

wow that is a very unique design and a hot watch to watch

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