Oct 23 2007Toothbrush Couch Looks Comfortable, I Think


Some A+ student over at Bucks New University in the UK designed this toothbrushy couch. Looks comfortable doesn't it? I think so. A lot more comfortable than the one I designed with corncobs instead of soft blue tentacles. Suffice it to say I ran and jumped into my couch one day and lost my backdoor virginity -- if you catch my drift. If you don't catch my drift what I'm saying is that a corncob went up my ass.

When is a couch not a couch, but wacky student work? [core77]

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I'd leap onto it and pretend I was being eaten by a giant amoeba! mmmmm...cilia.

3rd You Stupid Assholes!!!!

#3, explain the logic behind your hypothesis.

you have an ass...it has a hole, therefore, you are an asshole....it's simple math, really

Now, if only that same student could invent a bed made out of giant teeth, motorized, so that it chews him into a pulp.

A couch where you have to peek through the bristles to watch TV? That might work for porn...

interesting design, but totally useless

What? I don't understand why everyone's doggin' this couch. It looks totally comfortable! But I was also a clownfish in a previous life.

I LOVE YOU!! I LAUGHED SO HARD, It almos made me want a corn up my ass!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
I can't even write properly

i`m not saying it isn`t comfortable, but how do you watch TV with all the "tentacles" staying there like a fence? looks like a nice sofa to read on tho.

To watch TV from this couch, you could use a projector pointed at the ceiling. WARNING - Watching TV like this sucks! It is nowhere near as cool as it sounds. It is disconcerting because almost everyone you watch is vertical and you are horizonal - it just feels wrong - I guess watching porn this way might be OK but I haven't tried it...I'll either be back in a few minutes or I'll be napping...with a thoroughly soiled ear of corn.

Awesome, I want one! Not the corn in the ass version, but the squishy tentacly version.

I'm not a big fan of things in the ass...

already been done... this type of design furniture has been around since the 80's, the student just ripped it off and made it smaller. booooo

is funny lol


So freaking funny!

I want one! Now!


love it! i want five of them. the corn sounds good too. yummy, with butter.

...sigh, i need a beer.

It's like a shag carpet... only couch-sized. It does make me think of Finding Nemo, though...

And it looks tremendously comfortable.

god i want that thing! it would fit in well with my marie antonette theme. but that looks so comfy! aaaarrrrggg! i want one.

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