Oct 25 2007The Walkstation Is Not For This Blogger


The Steelcase Walkstation is the beastly life form created when your cubicle desk gets drunk at an office party, stumbles into a gym and bangs a treadmill. They'll be available soon for around $6,500, which doesn't include the computer. Making it way cheaper to mod a desk and treadmill yourself. I'm going to have to pass. Masturbating to internet porn is hard enough with my miniscule penis, I can't imagine trying to do it at a jog.

Steelcase's Walkstation marries desk and treadmill [engadget, thanks to the very fit Tara for the tip]

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Reader Comments

The fact that you can barely use a computer whilst standing, let alone walking, seems to have escaped the wannabe-designer behind this utterly stupid creation.

yeah. and you definitely can build one of your own if youre already have both items

How many wpm am I supposed to do while jogging? How unreasonable is that? Maybe they should set the lights to go dim if the treadmill isn't running so I have to choose between eyestrain or back injury. Bastards.

crazy!!lol i like the idea!

Anyone who buys one of these should be shot. I can totally picture the type of person who would too, and I already hate them...

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