Oct 12 2007The Rack Makes It Easier To Kill Wife, Hooker


From the "I've seen it all now and can die sadly" department comes "The Rack". It's a shotgun rack that slides under your mattress so the gun lies flush with the side of your bed at all times -- because under the bed is just too far away. It costs $40 and is a real product (view commercial here, which is hilarious). I can see it now. *pumps shotgun* "I said stop pullin' the covers woman."

Bed Rifle Rack: Convenient Shotgun Access For The Modern Hick [uberreview]

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And this is the exact reason why you americans are completley f***ed!

perfect for when you don't feel like paying the hooker...

Actually im surprised they dont bundle it with a night stand holster for hand guns.

Trigger happy americans, just what you need quicker access to guns.

i can see it now:

"mommy, daddy, can i sleep withBOOM@@!!" huh? what'd she say? what was that sound? oh well, back to sleep...

The ignorance in this post *and* the comments is astounding.

LOL at you all ... what do you do when a mad imbecile decides to enter your home in the middle of the night while you are asleep? I guess bend over is the appropriate action eh!?!

headline -today 70 million american gun owners DIDN"T KILL ANYBODY.

#1....we love you too!

A thing to keep a shotgun to one's bedside... man, this is something idiot on so much levels I can't even name them all. Fortunately I'll live my whole life in Europe without shotguns and fellow citizens convinced that everybody's trying to sneak into their houses. And that third world countries are going to throw nuclear bombs on my neighborhood just because they are sooooooooo evil, with all those beards and strange clothes. Why not invent a thing to keep a nuclear rocket to the bedside? You, know, just in case. Who's afraid of a shotgun these days?

Tip: use the bed for what it was intended: sweet sweet love. Sounds a lot more fun than shotguns.

You know I'm so glad that you eroupeans are so damn ignorant of the American lifestyle, stop watching your American-hating news whos and actually come to America and see how it is.....I guess ignorance is bliss for you all, but just to let you know you sounds like a bunch of idiots!

I think this invention is stupid, and guess what OMG I'm a typical red blooded, damn proud of my country American!! Wow, so now what do you have to say, just because one American company invents some stupid bed gun rack doesn't mean that every American is lining up to buy it!

And having guns in the house doesn't mean that we're paranoid that someone is gunna break into my house, guns are fun to shoot, and they're an investment, if you take care of them properly their value on goes up! So step out of your box, and stop having these ignorant, niave stereotypes of Americans, seriously it's getting old! I love Europe, I was raised in a military family and traveled all over Europe and Turkey before I was even 10 years old, I love Europe, I love Turkey and miss it very much, and I'm obsessed with British culture, but I'm an American and am proud to be one, but yet I love other places in the world and am educated enough not to belittle them and stereotype them, so like I said get outside your box, and actually emmerse yourself in the culture before you judge and assume, based on stereotypes!

oh god!! full gallery.. http://www.mactanque.com/

I was being stupid, don't take me literally. You know, where I live a lot of people are proud to be called anti americans; I'm not, because while being completely against american politics, on the other hand I know that as in every other country on earth america is full of smart people (or at least people with my same attitudes, politically or not). So I should call myself... uh... anti bush? Peace activist? As you like. Of corse I'd like to mind my own bisness as you could suggest at this point (after all bush is not the president of my country), but sadly i'ts not possible since we live in a world where america can take war much more near to my house than yours, so this actually is my own bisnness, you can't imagine how much.
So, havin said I have nothing against america as a country, the only thing I'll never understand is weapons and their libertine use in general. Diamonds, gold and houses are investments too, and they don't even risk to kill my wife comin home a little later than usual or to end in the burglar's hands for mistake.
So I'm happy to live in a place where I'm sure that the only people carrying them are police officers that -I must infer- do well their job since nobody wants weapons at home. The state must defend me, I don't have to defend myself; plus if I'd kill a burglar into my house I'd face so many years in jail I'd forget why I was there.
I understand you may dislike this system, but the reason I prefere it is very simple: in the end nobody gets killed, and tha'ts the only important thing.

Someone so educated and worldly should probably spell "naive" and "immerse" correctly.

Pervert mind that who invented this




many americans are buying one for both sides of the bed !


"The state must defend me, I don't have to defend myself;"

God, the pathetic victim nature of that statement should make any free human cringe with disgust. Instead, they wear it proudly like a badge.

Not me. I'll never beg the state to care for my every need. Shame on any human who does. Not to mention that the police can't be everywhere...just ask a Brit that has been home-invaded.

#11 Well I appreciate the time you took to clear up what was said, it's one thing to disagree with the politics and leadership of a country it's another to summarize the whole country as the same. And I feel that's what alot of people are doing in regards to the U.S. Plus I do have a good sense of humor, I can laugh at jokes making fun of Americans, as long as they're meant to be a laugh, and not meant to be hurtful.

As far as the having the right to have a gun, I'll just leave it to we agree to disagree.....we all have our opinions and need to respect them, and I respect your opionion on the gun issue.


Plus I really do think this bedside gun holder invention is stupid! And the commerical was hysterical!! With the patriotic music in the background......OMG!! hahaha

@ #15: I don't get where the victime nature of the statement is. It's a general belief, nothing more and nothing less. You see, I've been doing body building in my spare time since I was 16, I'm a swimming instructor and life saver, you understand that I look like everyone but the average dork praying nobody's going to hurt him. Nevertheless I'm no soldier, police officer, masked avenger, so no, it's not my duty.
And what about my 60+ mother or my 90+ grandfather, should they defend themself? I doubt they could, so since every citizen is equal, a specific category of trained people should defend everybody else, not caring if we're talking about a big 25 y.o. guy or a 90 y.o. grandma.
It seems to me that you live in a contest where machism plays a fundamental role, so if you're not armed and ready to growl on the door of your house you're considered a pussy. Relax, man!

This makes me think about the sanitary system: the state must protect my health for free, because with our taxes we pay for everything ill people need, knowing that when we'll be ill we'll receive the same treatment. I'm a MD, so I know what I'm talking about: it's called society.
If you believe that everybody should only provide for themselves, we wouldn't have any society, but just a bunch of people living together, each suspicious of the neighbor.

Guns don't kill people, I kill people. Stupid people. Who buy this product.

I prefer my pistol pillow myself but I guess if you only have a shotgun, this is the way to go.
As far as the gun argument, America has guns and we like em. I guess UK, when you've never had them you just don't know what you are missing. Our constitution is this way cause we wanted to be different than the redcoats and preserve our freedom. Not everything works out the way you plan but when AK toting terrorists invade your area, see how you fare with fish and chips.

Oh by the way.........read this: http://tinyurl.com/y5qrfm

Holy moly this is ridiculous... I'd just love for a family with kids to have one of these, because, you know, you HAVE to keep the thing loaded for this to be of ANY value, and so then you have a nicely loaded shotgun at kid level.. .BRILLIANT!

And in regards to the posts we're seeing here. We have some saying 'F*ck off, we Americans aren't like this' while post after post of ridiculous 'who'd going to protect me and mah family if I don't' comments are posted.

Americans ARE like this... not ALL of you, but ENOUGH of you to make things WORSE for those of you who'd like to live a life without deadly weapons being a standard thing to have lying around the house.

This is a-grade stupid. If you live your life petrified that some boogey man is going to invade your home at any second, then I hate to think what your blood pressure is like.

Aw, if that's under the mattress, then where do I hide my Penthouse magazines? :( On the bright side, you don't have to hang a gun on it, looks like it'll also hold a baseball bat, a seven iron, or even a riding whip.

"The state must defend me, I don't have to defend myself"

Wow just wow. Have we forgotten Hurricane Katrina already? The people of Burma and all the other shithole dictatorships in the world? WWII? For someone so worldly, progressive and sophisticated, you certainly are an ignorant fool.

I hate to be the first one to tell you this, and I certainly hope that you are young, NO ONE OWES YOU SHIT.

As a female gun owner and someone who has been stalked, kiss my ass.

@ #23:

1) yes, in fact hurrican katrina was in the US, not Europe.
2) I'm sorry about Burma and stuff, but I was talking about my country. I'm sure Burma as any other military dictatorship is a little bit different from a free country.
3) WWII was a tragedy for everybody. But I don't really see the point here.
4) The statement that "no one owes me shit" is a little bit (read: pathetically) easy and off topic. The state owes every citizen what's written in its costitution. It's how it works everywhere. If mine owes me protection and free health care... what can I do?
5) I'm not that young.

As far as kissing your ass.. no, thanks. My constitution says I can refuse that.

Peace, female gun owner.

What do you expect from Europe? They've hated the "American experiment" since our country was formed. Keep on mocking the "cowboys" over here. I'm sure it keeps you distracted from the riots and car burnings from the "urban youths" that refuse to assimilate to your society. Or the fact that violent crime is skyrocketing in Britian. Or from the fact that your universal healthcare means that everyone gets the same level of treatment: Shitty. The level of ignorace you people display is astonishing. For hundreds of years the people of Europe with ambition, with drive and intelligence and hope have left and come to America. Millions of the best, brightest and bravest young men of last century were killed in two world wars. What you have left are the decendants of the infirm and the cowards, suckling at the governments teat , sheltering for the last fifty years under the wing of American military might, while at the same time proclaiming their superiority.

How do you write an "intelligent" comment without flaming the other side and yet try and get your point across?? I lived in Europe for years and loved it. Would like to go back, quite frankly. And yes, comparatively, your crime is less. Having said that, what foolish knee jerk comments were made regarding an environment you know little about. I live in a southwest city that is sixty miles from the border. It's beautiful, quaint, and dangerous. Gangs and drugs are skyrocketing. My neighborhood would probably be described as upper middle class. We have had three armed break ins in the past eighteen months. Meth heads. Meth heads don't think, don't have any rationality, and don't feel pain. They have no mercy. Give them money or die. Give them money and die anyway. Sure, lots of remorse when they come off their high. That does little to allay the carnage they left behind. Have any of you had the "privilege" of seeing your family kneel before you while their brains are blown against the bedroom wall? Hyperbole? How I wish. No, it's not in every town and every neighborhood. But it is in my town!! Sometimes, but not always, the jacking of a shotgun is enough to send the criminal out the window (literally). But not meth heads. My neighbors, save one, never knew what hit them (literally). They were in bed. So what are you going to do, reason with them? Sing kumbaiyah around the fireplace holding hands? Oh, and should you luck out and call the cops before they make it to your bedroom you're in luck. The tv newscasters get to play your screams over and over on the six o'clock news. Oh, and when your daughter is raped in front of you which one of you would not like to take the head off that reprobate? I now have "The Rack" beside me at night. I also have a legally sawed off shotgun with 00 buckshot in the chamber. True, my kids are grown so I no longer have a trigger lock. So, if you are fortunate enough to own a rifle or shotgun and fortunate again to have heard the intruders, how stupid you will look as you are rummaging through your closet/basement looking for the gun, then the ammunition, and then loading it - all in the dark as Mr. Meth Head descends on you in a rage. Am I paranoid? Not anymore? A member of the state militia? Hardly. Border militia? Oh, please! But I have decided that I would rather go down with a fight then sit helpless, waiting for the police, while my family is murdered. Last thought: the survivors, to the man (woman) have universally said, "I never, ever thought this would happen to us. We see it on TV but never thought that would be us." For those who are smugly reading this comment and scoffing, I truly hope you are not one of those who uttered the above statement.

This is a great product !
Nothing wrong with being prepared...

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