Oct 11 2007The Office Collar: Mind Your Own Business


The Office Collar was designed by Simone Brewster. They're constructed of white leather, and come in a variety of shapes depending on what sort of task you're assigned.

The Office Collar has been designed in response to the open plan, working environment. The collars act as spatial isolators, narrowing the field of vision, therefore enabling their wearer to focus on the tasks in front of them.

Sure these would increase productivity at my office, but how am I supposed to get my daily fill of grab-ass in if I can't see my coworkers. I'll be damned if they take that away from me. I'll just flail my arms around, grabbing any ass I make contact with. Can't hold me down. Captain Grab-ass 1, The Man 0.

Office Collar By Simone Brewster [core77]

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Reader Comments

First (*okay, so I'm a loser*)

Image the smell if you live next door... "Flush that d@$% toilet please"

man, I AM a loser - totally just posted a comment on the wrong thing. I'll go lay on my Mac couch now. :(

and your comment for the other post was lame too.
why dont you go off to the superficial where you'll feel right at home :)

there's a couple of things i don't get about this invention.
a) why its called a collar when it clearly doesnt go round your neck.
b) why its made of leather like some sort of luxury item
c) why it has to cover your whole head, and not just go round your eyes. unless they want you to not hear too well either. and by not hear too well, i mean look like a complete dick.

I always thought white collar joes didn't look enough like draft animals. What a great solution to that dillema, ay?

now combine that with the Cone of Silence from Get Smart, and it'll be perfect.

this is just stupid.

Stupidest ugliest thing i've ever seen.

It looks like those cones they put on dogs after surgery so they wont gnaw on their stitches.

So this is what would happen if DAFT PUNK had their own office??

I hear this is great for watching porn when there are other people in the room.

Why does it only come in white leather? They need to make it in different colors! Pink, orange, red, blue... it's all about accessorizing and licking your own genitals. Which clearly you won't be able to do with this thing on.

wow, now they can finally make all the employees look and act like robots/zombies, congrats on the dumb invention

This is actually an almost sadistic invention. As if Americans aren't stressed and overworked enough, now we have to be treated like horses that get easily spooked? Whoever invented this needs to get punched in the face so hard.

I'd only agree to wearing that if it had a bag of oats attached to it. And if I got to wear a saddle.

Perhaps, as the actual site is for a recent art school graduate, this is a comment on cubicle farm working conditions?

#10 Andy. Now that is a good idea.

This is CHINDOGU at its finest..! pure truth and hilarity...lol...

I can't believe you people are taking this seriously. This is a joke, right? Right? Please tell me this is a joke...

*follows hyperlinks to simone brewsters' site*

Oh. It's been disabled. What a pity.

This would be seriously inhumane - I would refuse to wear the thing.

Finally a way to stop licking myself at work!

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