The Talking CD Album: You'll Still Crash

October 30, 2007


The talking CD album holds 20 CDs and a 3 second message you record for each one. As you flip the pages it plays back the messages, so you know which CD is which, without having to look. You have to make sure that each CD goes back in its original slot though, or the whole thing is screwed. It's supposed to make driving safer. It reminds me of this thing, which was pretty horrible. They run $48, and I admire the inventor's effort to make the roads a safer place. But I'll pass. Just sing in the car like I do. If people look at you like you're crazy then just wave your arms around and swerve in and out of your lane. Then they'll know you're crazy.

Talking CD Album Keeps Your Eyes On The Road [ohgizmo]

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