Oct 19 2007Tag Your Living Room With The Graffiti Sofa


Designer Teruhiro Yanagihara has introduced the 'Grafitti Sofa', which you can mark with your fingers to design. Whatever you scratch in will remain until the sofa is ironed. Now call me crazy, but I could have sworn these were introduced, oh I don't know, forever ago. I've been scratching sofas for years. Ah yes, it seems like just yesterday I was scratching "I banged your girlfriend right here" into a friend's couch. Oh wait, that was yesterday. Hold on, doorbell. Oh Jesus, it's my friend. It looks like he has a gun.

Leave Your Mark [yankodesign]

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Reader Comments


and this is the gayest sofa ever!

My dogs would go nuts on that thing.

Isn't this somewhat similar to a suede covered sofa, you get the same marks, and erase them by brushing the oppostie direction.

I am offended; I would definitely not consider myself a fist f***er!

I f*** my fist all the time. Or at least a hollow approximation to a fist.


Take luck! Take luck luck if you have luck, take care of it. Care for it, take it, care it. Takenitcareofit...Lablah yah blah..rah mancarofit!

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