Oct 22 2007Stretched Prius Seats 8, Still Gets 50 MPG


Some guy modded his Prius into an 8-seater. It took over 200 hours of fabrication and cost around $10,000. It allegedly still gets 50 MPG. I don't really know what to say, except good for him. Notice how I'm not calling this thing a limo? That's because it's not. I did some investigative reporting and discovered that the dude extended it to accommodate his six kids -- which makes it a Prius station wagon owned by a man with too many children. Limos are elongated vehicles in which you get drunk and have sex with hookers. Now I'm not claiming to be a limologist or anything, I'm just claiming I banged a hooker in a real limo once. And let me tell you something else – she had the sexiest lazy eye I’ve ever seen.

Prius Stretch Limo [neatorama]

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And prius' are super gay!

Thats crazy they put six doors on it. traditional limos still only have 4 doors but an enormously extended middle window!

It pains me to admit it, but this actually looks better to me than the stock Prius.

Maybe he plans on making it run on complaining and dropping teddy grahams in the damn seat and having daddy find them 3 months later. GOD DAMN IT! ALRIGHT, NO MORE FOOD IN THE CAR!

does anyone else think this looks way 'shopped?

Re: 4, I totally think it does, as well.

I look forward to seeing this in the next season of Curb, when more of the Black family turn up and Larry has to get a bigger car.

I've seen "limo cars" that do actually have 3 rows of doors, but I can't imagine this being done to a normal car. Plus it's a Prius, wtf.

You should be sued for insulting people with disabilities

It is "shopped." It's a photoshop rendering done as a humorous commentary on how people drive efficient cars but then do stupidly unefficient things with them. Like a hybrid SUV? WTF. Why not just drive a normal size car like the rest of the world does?! Why waste our technilogical advances on feeling slight less guilty about our excess. Imagine all of us in Hybrid smart cars. It would be fun (think bumper cars) and they would practically run forever. If only we could get the SUV's off the street so the smart cars don't get squashed like bugs on their windsheilds.

Anyway check out an article on www.core77.com for an article about this and other images like it.

It's not "shopped." I actually know the guy who made this. It took him a really long time to do all the work on it. It's not a hoax.

Excellent job has been done. I think people actually need low height 3 raw Car, especially those who have big family. And this the best (at present only) option to enjoy benefits of both family car with fuel efficiency. Purpose of limo and this car is totally different so comparison with limo is wrong as per my opinion. I would love to talk with the person who has made this car and also like to get more information and pictures of the car.

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