Oct 17 2007Samsung 1,152 Person Commercial

If you haven't seen this already it's a video made in South Korea for Samsung featuring 1,152 people coordinating their moves to make images (like a monster LCD screen). They're not using cards, but clothes with different colors to make the changes. It's pretty mesmerizing, particularly if you've been doing drugs. In addition, at 1:05 in the video a cameraman almost gets trampled on the left side of the screen. Sweet. I particularly like the dancer they make at the 3:00 mark -- I think I saw her muff.

Youtube [thanks to ultra-cool tz for the tip]

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with quantity comes power.... now all they need is an evil dictator, and then can begin phase two...

What do they do with all the shirts? Oh, and they do realize that the music is "Go West" by the Village People and it was covered by the Pet Shop Boys, right? If that doesn't scream FAAAAA-BU-LOUS, I don't know what does.


almost gets trampled? looks like he did get trampled..

this is pretty old, isn't it?

Yeah this is old but whatever.

Yeah we know Go West is a cover song but it became popular in 2002 during the World cup because it was on the world cup CD (yes we had a world cup CD! hahah_

Can you imagine the time it must have taken, the synchronization, the coordination, and patience...man. My hat's off to the lot of the LCD participants.

@3: I'm convinced all Korean men are fags--they only do women to carry on their race. Seriously, look at them. Wearing girls' clothing. It's not metro, it's faggo.


But that was pretty f***ing cool.

eww....if the girls in your country normally run around in capes of 4 different colors then I guess all those Korean men ARE wearing girl's clothing.

And your place must have a lot of fags too since the girls there have no fashion sense - unless of course, your men are so manly as to be able too look beyond such shallow things like clothes and looks~

sf, you are a cunt, and a fag. you are a whore, and you have a terrible ass.

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