Oct 24 2007New XBox 360 Is Soft As Hell, Pillowy


A beautiful woman named Hannah made an XBox 360 out of fabric and pillow fluff or whatever the hell you shove in things to make them cushy. What the system lacks in game play it certainly makes up for in being a great thing to rest your head on. Hell, I would have even settled for this version for Christmas last year. I told my mom I wanted an XBox and all I got was a handle of whisky and carton of cigarettes for herself.

Xbox 360 Plushie [deviantART]

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Wow Gia, you are really cool trying to get everyone to click on that spam link aren't you?

how long until his house burns down?

#3, when that San Diego fire comes his way.

This might not be a bad idea.... now I won't feel as bad about throwing my system against the wall when I can't beat Halo3 on novice.

Great, you play for one minute before it overheats and crashes.

Oh Dear Oh Dear!

Sour Grapes Chaps.

Sour Sour Grapes.

Well done Hannah!

Proud of you!




Um this is probably the THOUSANDTH time I have said this -

IT IS NOT COVERING THE DAMN XBOX! and also I'm a GIRL, what GUY would make that-honestly?

Thanks for the feature it came as a surprise to me :D

Funny you mention last Christmas.. my boyfriend requested an XBox 360 and I ended up sewing him a cushy controller:


So now I can throw the controller at the screen when I lose a game- without damaging the screen? Hell, that's good.

that is f***in gay

OMG that is sooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love this because i heard it can be a computer.

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