Oct 5 2007More Remote Buttons = More Awesome


The Pultius remote was designed by Art Lebedev Studios with the idea of having a button for every channel on television. It's 20-inches long and has 102 small channel buttons, in a rainbow of colors. I'm from the old school, where more buttons means you're more of a man, so I'm all about it. The color gradient may detract from the manliness slightly, but you can't win them all. This might not be a bad idea. If you can program all the buttons any way you want, then you can program color blocks for different genres of channels. For example, my remote would be sports in the purple section at the bottom. The sections above that would be for porno.

Art Lebedev's Pultius remote: one button for every channel [engadget]

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made me think of a robot dildo

looks like those candy dots we used to get when I was a kid. mmmm, getting hungry for candy remote controller...

oh, yeah. and FRIST

#2 I agree those candies are awsome, which by the way you can still get at old fashion candy stores :)

I like the size too bad it was round and well more flexible maybe even with a vibration modes ;)

damn it got excited about using that remote for other things besides the tv this is what I meant to say.................

I like the size too, to bad it WASN'T round and well more flexible maybe even with a vibration modes ;)

I'm getting one. Looks to be "stoner-proof" which will infuriate my roommate...kid will be watching QVC all night

20-inches long, perfect. Finally a remote thats impossible to lose!

just a short note. i talk from experience when i say stoners are perfectly happy watching QVC all night.

#8...and its even funnier when your watching QVC and the guy falls off the ladder they are trying to sell....

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