Miller Lite Subwoofer Will Get Stolen Quickly

October 30, 2007


Somebody definitely stayed up all night designing this, unfortunately they stayed up pounding Miller Lite. The result? The Miller Lite Subwoofer. It was made for indoor use, but I was sure when I saw it that it was made to sit in the back of a decrepit 1984 Toyota Corolla. You know, so you can still bang out your beats without getting the speaker stolen because you're missing the rear passenger's side door. This thing would last less than a night in my town. Somebody would steal it, realize it was a speaker and then A) keep it and put it in their car, or B) smash it because they were hoping for beer, then kick out your headlights and tear off your rearview mirrors for tricking them. Spiteful bastards.

Beer Case Subwoofer Enclosure Tempts Thieves With A Less Appetizing Target [uberreview]

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