Oct 30 2007Dynamic Daylight Window Is Trippy, Cool

The video above is a demonstration of Philip's new Dynamic Daylight Windows. It's awesome. Even more awesome if you're on drugs. By waving your hand around you can adjust the level of darkness, as well as color hue. I want them installed in all my windows. Apparently hotels are considering them to aid travelers deal with jet lag. Of course hotels could probably save a lot of money and just go with the jet lag remedy I've been recommending for years -- a free mini-bar. I can get so drunk I don't remember my name, let alone the time of day. After a week or so I wake up and I'm good to go. Simple.

A much longer video demonstration after the jump that features a woman with a laugh that makes me amorous.


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freaking amazing.

Can be a quite sexy product I think. I want one!

This is amazing. Not only is it a fantastic concept, but the fact that it's also solar powered is a total bonus. I really want one.

Yep, the future looks awesome from such a window. I want this on my windows. Wonder if breaking a window will cost a lot more though, cuz last time I stayed at the hotel I had a friend who kept saying NO to this guy but he just wouldn't get it. She got pissed and, through the curtain, managed to hit and break the window with her fist, not a scratch on her! We ran off immediately but I'd imagine this Phillips window would cost way more so they'd probably chase us.

Too bad about the high school level play they put up. What is this, Days of our Lives? eek

I don't know how I missed this post, but it's really cool!

See? that Emo guy shows us its not about cutting

so cool!

Okay, this would be the worst thing ever to have in a hotel room. Well, in my hotel room, anyway. I'd spend the whole trip playing with the damn thing instead of going to conferences and hooking up with prostitutes.

All personal issues aside, this thing is pretty damned amazing.

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